Eco friendly vehicles from Tesla marketing strategy

With the alarming hazards of global warming around the world, car manufacturers have selected a safer street to transport people in a far successful pollution less way. The demand for electric cars has grown by much, and people are getting more aware on contributing to the much healthier environment. This is the reason car manufacturers have chosen to provide a fuel alternative that is eco friendly and convenient also. Among the renowned car manufacturers across the world, teal’s motors have brought forward their attractiveness teal’s roadster. Roadster a battery operated electric car sports car is the only competent electric car that goes on highways. Tesla retains a list of selling 1,200 tussles in 28 nations in the year 2010. Tesla is the foremost electrical car which uses battery of lithium and the foremost electric car that can voyage farther than 200 mph. A world record was made when 501 kilometers on a yearlong charge was attained by roadster.

tesla motors marketing strategy

In 2010 march roadster was the first to succeed Monte carol rally of alternative energy. The vehicle was driven by Erik comas, formula 1 driver and took over 96 rivals compared to scope, efficiency and performance. The body of the car is a handcrafted, carbon fiber material with executive interiors. It is the only car that could provide you with a supercar performance with no tailpipe emissions in any respect. It can be plugged to a typical electric socket and can go on and on with one charge. This is the only car which may be billed from solar, wind or hydro energy. The vehicle delivers an addictive driving performance. The vehicle requires less maintenance when compared to other vehicles. Exhaust system and oil change work isn’t essential. The business also supplies a house call service where a teal’s ranger arrives to the house or the office of a client and does required testimonials or service.

The motor in the car is said to be energized by a electricity receiver comprising a box calculating approx 10 inches wide by 25 inches long by 6 inches high and has 12 radio vacuum tubes and connects to a 6footlong antenna. The latest models have come out using a more efficient engine and interiors which will charm anyone who takes a look at it. A supercar concept was made to prove that green automobiles could be sexy, sporty and functional. tesla marketing strategy set about designing the engine and battery system but abandoned the design and manufacture of the automobile to British racing legends lotus. The engineless cars were sent to California where the engines were set up and billed bringing the final price of the automobile to 100,000 dollar. It is a small price for a supercar but a steal of an investment into an organization that could hold the future for the motoring industry.